Dress Code

We ask that visitors please dress respectfully in accordance to the dress code at the Knutsford Golf Club.
On the course:-
• Trousers must not be tucked into socks
• Tailored shorts of reasonable length require either white, above-ankle sports socks or knee length socks
• Shirts must have collars and must be tucked into trousers
• Collarless or sleeveless shirts are not permitted; Ladies may wear a sleeveless blouse
• Changing is not allowed in the car park
• Members should use mobile telephones with discretion on the course and in the Clubhouse. Please do not make or receive calls or send texts in the public areas of the Clubhouse or whilst playing golf on the course
• The use of GPS golfing ‘apps’ on the course is allowed
• Please store the Club’s contact telephone number on your ‘phone in case of emergency – 01565 633355

Dress code in the club house and on the Terrace

In the Clubhouse:-
• Smart casual wear or golfing attire is required at all times. The exception is for Members who are attending the Saturday presentations for which a jacket and tie are necessary. Additionally, jacket and tie are required for Mixed presentations
• Gent’s Summer Stablefords on Wednesdays will not require a change from golfing attire
• For social events, the dress code will be determined for each event and advised on the respective Invitations. Jeans / denims are not acceptable at any time 

The Snooker Room

This is part of the club house. Members coming to the Club in the evening to play snooker should expect to enter the club’s bar and lounge facilities and dress accordingly.

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