At Knutsford, we provide a friendly, relaxed and inclusive golfing and social environment that positively contributes to our members lives and well-being and we welcome applications for membership.

The Membership Options and Prices are shown in the table below.

Whilst the golf course is our main focus, members have always been provided with the facilities and opportunities for competitive and fun golf, and social activities.

We are constantly trying to improve and have top professionals in their field working at the club.  David Jones is our Course Manager and Steve Barker our Clubhouse Manager (see Our People). We also have a long-term course improvement plan.

With our 130-year history, we are a modern and progressive club where a strong culture exists to create a relaxed and friendly environment. The course is a sanctuary to Members, conveniently located five minutes’ walk from Knutsford and Tatton Park with major transport links close by.

Application for Membership can be made by completing the application form and sending it to the Honorary Secretary.  Please note we currently have a waiting list for Gentlemen’s Full Membership and we can tell you more about the waiting time and how to register. We have spaces for Ladies’ Full Membership and for Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Five Day and Introductory Membership.
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or please feel free to call the Secretary for an introductory chat.

Membership Options New Members 2024-2025
A range of membership options are available to suit your lifestyle:

This is the most flexible membership type for the majority of our members. You will have all the benefits listed on the website with full access to the course and our many and varied competitions.

You will also be able to play in inter-club matches and friendlies; attend all our social events throughout the year; and have full access to the clubhouse and snooker room

We want to encourage younger golfers to join the club and we offer reduced rates (see table) for those aged 18 to 35.

This category has exactly the same benefits as Full Membership and you will be welcomed by our substantial and active group of younger members. This is a great way to become part of the club at an initial lower cost

We find that a smaller number of members do not want all the benefits of Full Membership and so we have a limited number of places for this category.

Your course access is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. You will be able to enter competitions scheduled within these days and have all the other non-playing benefits of Full Membership

We have created this category in partnership with England Golf to encourage those new to the game to come and give it a try. Our members in this category benefit from lessons from our professional and support “getting into golf” from Full members.

You will be able to play any time after 3pm (1pm in Winter) Monday to Saturday and all-day Sunday (subject to there not being a competition or visiting society occupying the course). You will also be able to attend social events throughout the year.

This category is valid for a limited period, up to one year from joining until the following May 31st, after which your membership will transfer to either Intermediate, Full or 5 Day Membership, providing spaces are available.

We have a thriving Junior community and we welcome young people aged 8 to 17 to this category, although numbers are limited.

Our Juniors have regular Sunday competitions and have the support of some of the biggest names in golf (video link). We also welcome Juniors with a qualifying handicap and aged 12 to 17 into the adult competitions to help them develop their game

This category is for those living over 50 miles from the Club and still wanting to be involved in occasional golf and social activity. You will be able to play in Club competitions but not compete for prizes

This is a non-golfing membership for those that want to stay involved with the club socially.

You will have access to the clubhouse facilities and also benefit from four reduced green-fee rounds/year at the Members Guest rate

Membership Fees
Full £1,390 £1,390 YES
Intermediate £1,390 18-24 £330
25-30 £473
31-35 £714
5 Day £1,124 £1,124 YES
Introductory N/A £700 N/A
Junior N/A 8-11 £120
12-17 £205
Country N/A £252 N/A
House N/A £252 N/A


Subscriptions are invoiced in May for the next Club Year June 1st to May 31st.

Members can pay their subscription in full or choose to pay over ten months by Standing Order. Where a new member has chosen to pay their Entry Fee (where charged) over 2 years this will be included on the annual invoice.

New members whose membership commences after the 31st of May in any year will be charged a Subscription pro-rated to reflect the date of joining for their first year.

Any new member who fails to pay his/her Entry Fee and Subscription, or instalment thereof within one month of the invoice date renders their membership null and void.


Any member wishing to resign from the Club should do so on or before the 1st June (the start of the Club Year), any member resigning after the start of the Club Year is liable for the subscription in full of the ensuing year.

Club Rules

New members upon paying their subscription agree to abide by the current Club Rules which are displayed on the Club noticeboard and are available on the Club’s website or through Club V1 .

At Knutsford, we provide a friendly, relaxed and inclusive golfing and social environment.
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Visitors & Societies
Visitors and societies are assured a warm welcome at Knutsford Golf Club.
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Knutsford Golf Club is the ideal venue for all your functions.
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Business Facilities
Knutsford Golf Club is the ideal venue for conferences and business meetings.
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