World Handicap System

World Handicap

The World Handicap System (WHS) was launched in England on 2nd November 2020.

The background to the WHS is provided in this video.

For you as a player, this video provides an overview of the whole process. Each element is explained in more detail in the paragraphs (and videos) that follow. At the bottom of the page, you can download a Key Features Booklet and some Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Each player will have a ‘Handicap Index’.  Your Handicap Index is based on the average of the best 8 scores from the last 20 rounds.  If you don’t have 20 scores there is a sliding scale, for example, best 4 from 12 to 14 rounds.
    Click here for a video on How your Handicap Index is calculated
  2. For each course, a new ‘Course Rating’ will replace the ‘Standard Scratch Score’. In addition, each course will have a ‘SlopeRating’, which is a measure of the course difficulty. The same set of tees can have a different Course Rating and Slope Rating for men and women.
    Click here for Course Rating and Slope Rating video
  3. ‘Course Handicap’. This is calculated from your ‘Handicap Index’, but is adjusted by the ‘Slope Rating’ for the particular set of tees being used at a particular course. This is provided by look up tables at each course, and by the England Golf phone app for courses in England.
    Click here for video on Calculation of Playing Handicap
  4. ‘Playing Handicap’. Your ‘Playing Handicap’ is calculated by adjusting your ‘Course Handicap’ depending on the format of play such as betterball or greensomes. So your Playing Handicap is calculated each time you play, depending on your Handicap Index, the Slope Rating and the format of play. For competitions, Playing Handicap will be worked out by the computer and printed on the Tee Sheet or Scorecard Labels.
  5. Scores on a particular day may be adjusted by a ‘Playing Conditions’ calculation, based on all scores entered from that course on that day. Playing Conditions Calculation video
  6. Scores acceptable for handicap purposes include scores from casual rounds as well as competitions. Casual round scores must be pre-registered before playing. Team format scores are not acceptable. Scores can also be acceptable at any time of year as long as the round is played from a measured course so temporary tees or greens will not provide an acceptable score. Clubs may still choose to have a qualifying playing season.
    Acceptable Scores video
  7. The Maximum Handicap Index is set at 54 to encourage inclusivity and accessibility. An initial Handicap Index can be obtained by submitting scores from 54 holes worth of play in 9 hole or 18 hole rounds or any combination.
    Maximum Handicap Index video
  8. For handicap purposes scores will be capped at a net double bogey.
    Net Double Bogey video
  9. A player’s Handicap Index will be updated daily – normally overnight. It is important that all qualifying scores are submitted on the day the round was played. Annual Reviews will also be performed.
    Handicap Revision video

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Frequently Asked Questions
R&A WHS Key features booklet
England Golf Privacy Notice

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