Terms and Conditions


  • To book a tee time online you will have to enter your credit or debit card details using our secure online payment process. Full payment is required at booking time.
  • You should report to the Clubhouse before beginning your round and inform the staff of your internet booking and check in. For early morning tee times, you must check in at the Clubhouse after completing your round.

Mobile Phones:

  • Must be kept on ‘silent’ mode whilst on Club premises. The use of mobile phones for making or receiving calls on the golf course is not permitted except in the case of an emergency.

Cancellation Policy

  • To cancel your booking you must telephone the Club office. If you cancel your booking more than 2 days before your date of play, a full refund will be made to your credit/debit card.
  • If you cancel your booking less than 2 days before your date of play, there will be no refund. However, when you call the Club, every effort will be made to find you an alternative tee time on another day.
  • If you fail to cancel your booking and don’t turn up, the booking will be treated as a cancellation.
  • The Booking is fully transferable. Therefore, should you be unable to make your tee time, you can offer the tee time to someone else such as a family member or friend. Please ensure that they bring the booking reference details with them.

Course Closed

  • If you are unable to play your round of golf due to the course being closed (e.g. bad weather), no charge will be made to your credit/debit card and your Green Fee will be refunded.


  • Handicap certificates are not required for general play; however, players MUST have the ability to play to a reasonable standard and adhere to the rules and etiquette of golf. This will ensure their enjoyment and that of other players on the course at the same time. Players who are not able to comply will be asked to leave the course.


  • It is recommended that all players on the course have insurance to protect them from the risks associated with the game of golf.



Knutsford is a friendly modern, forward-thinking and inclusive Golf Club that values its long history and established traditions.

We believe that appropriate behaviour both in the clubhouse and on the golf course, is far more important than dictating how an individual should be dressed. On the golf course, we do accept that fashion changes very quickly.  Our current guideline is simply that any recognised golfing apparel that can be purchased from a professional golf retail outlet is

  • Shirts these days are designed to be worn in or outside the waistband and we would ask they are tailored with collars. Matching socks are fine.
  • Golf trousers, shorts and skorts should be tailored. Cargo shorts are  not deemed “golfing apparel”.
  • The way we dress should simply show respect for fellow players and the club.



We are a sociable club and love our clubhouse events.

As a guideline for your visit to Knutsford please note that any smart casual clothing, excluding light or ripped denim, is acceptable in the clubhouse although we do ask you to remove headgear.

  • Please ensure mobile phones are switched to silent or vibrate mode, and are only used in the lobby, and for emergencies only on the course.
  • Golf shoes  are not permitted beyond the changing and entrance areas. Clean trainers in the clubhouse are perfectly acceptable.

For post-Competition Presentations, and events, e.g. Sunday Lunches, Party Nights and other functions, specific dress codes may apply.