New Members’ Guide

Welcome to Knutsford Golf Club.

Knutsford Golf Club has existed on its unique site next to Tatton Park since 1891 initially, as a nine-hole course and then with the 10th hole added in the 1980s. We like to think this makes us a little unique!  Like many long-established clubs, we have our traditions and some may say, our foibles. Even though Knutsford has 130-year history, it is a modern and progressive club where a strong culture exists to create a relaxed and friendly environment. We have, over the years, gained the reputation as one of the friendliest and accommodating clubs in the area; a reputation we work hard to retain.

We have written a brief guide to help you get to know more about the club and, we sincerely hope, will help you to enjoy your time as a fully participating member of Knutsford Golf Club. You can download the guide by clicking here.

If you have any questions or require any sort of assistance at any time, the Officers and the Staff of Knutsford Golf Club will do everything in their power to help.